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Below is a list of the licence types that you can request online. Please select the required licence type and click the continue button.

Please Note: You can no longer register a swimming pool or spa constructed prior to 1 November 2020 using this online portal. Please contact Council on 02 6022 9300 for further information if this applies to you.

To submit your application to register a swimming pool or spa, you will need to provide the following information:
Applicant name, property address, type of swimming pool or spa.

The registration fee is $34.18 (Regulation 147p).

Upon receipt of your application you will receive an acknowledgement letter which will outline the due date for inspection and compliance of your swimming pool or spa. You are not required to book an inspection immediately but an inspection will need to be booked in advance of the due date.

If you wish to engage council to undertake your inspection the current 2023/2024 fee is $250. Alternatively, You can engage a suitably licensed swimming pool inspector to carry out your compliance inspection.

 Licence TypesInstructions
Permanent Swimming Pool or a SpaApply here to register a permanent pool or spa constructed after November 1, 2020.
Relocatable Pool or a SpaChoose this option for inflatable pools only.
Apply here for permit applications under the Environment and Community Protection Local Law. An application fee of $41 applies for most applications
 Licence TypesInstructions
Burning off permitApply here for a permit to burn.

  • Application must be submitted five working days prior to date requested for burn;
  • A permit to burn can not be issued for properties under 2000sqm;
  • A council permit is not required for properties in land zoned rural;
  • Permits cannot be approved by council during the designated fire danger period;
    Permits during this time must be lodged with the Country Fire Authority. Find out here
  • Heavy Vehicles on private propertyApply here to park, keep, store or repair a vehicle weighing more than three (3) tonnes on land zoned residential.
    Consent from adjoining properties is required and if you are applyling and you are not the property owner, consent from the owner is also required.
    Please complete and upload the adjoining neighbours consent form with this application
    Keeping of animals and birdsThere are restrictions on the number of animals (other than dogs and cats) and birds that can be kept in a residential premise without a permit. Local law 57.1 outlines the requirements.

    Apply here for a permit to keep more animals than outlined in the local law
    Naturestrip variationApply here to modify the nature strip with a garden bed
    Occupation of roads/footpathsApply here for an occupation of roads permit not associated with a roads reserve works permit.
    If you need a Road Reserve Works permit including occupation of roads, please apply here
    Parking permitApply here for a permit for temporary access to designated timed parking bays for the purposes of temporary works/construction site or an event
    Real estate signageApply here for placement of temporary real estate signage for open houses or auctions.
    Roadside Grazing Apply here to graze livestock on council managed roads. This can be applied for as an annual permit and we will send you a renewal notice
    Shipping containers on residential landBulk containers or shipping containers are not permitted on residential land without a permit.
    Apply here for a temporary permit. If the shipping container is going to be a permanent structure you will need to apply for a building permit.
    Street trading permit applicationApply for a Street Trading Permit for fixed premises
    Temporary Advertising SignApply here for the placement of temporary advertising signage.
    Temporary road closure Apply for a temporary road closure permit for events or works. Use this application once you have an approved Traffic Management plan by council.
    General PermitFor all other permits required under the Environment and Community Protection Local Law.