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Below is a list of the licence types that you can request online. Please select the required licence type and click the continue button.

To submit your application to register a swimming pool or spa, you will need to provide the following information:
Applicant name, property address, type of swimming pool or spa.

The lodgement fee is $79.08 which consists of a $31.84 registration fee (Regulation 147p) and an information search fee of $47.24. The information search fee is to confirm the building permit details on file, retrieve files from archives where necessary and to determine the regulation it was approved under.

Upon receipt of your application you will receive an acknowledgement letter which will outline the due date for inspection and compliance of your swimming pool or spa. You are not required to book an inspection immediately but an inspection will need to be booked in advance of the due date. If you wish to engage council to undertake your inspection the current 2019/2020 fee is $160. Alternatively, you can engage a private building surveyor to carry out your compliance inspection.

 Licence TypesInstructions
Permanent Swimming Pool or a Spa 
Relocatable Pool or a SpaChoose this option for inflatable pools only.